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Accommodation Booking By Mobile

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Accommodation Booking By Mobile

Announcing Booking.com Access By Mobile Devices In Australia

Now, with grateful thanks to Booking.com you can do your Accommodation Booking right here by Mobile, using either iOS7, iOS8 or Android 4.4, 4.5  for your Australian Tourism plans and deepest desires. Come to Australia and relax because you will definitely be getting the best rates, lowest cost for quality travel accommodation. We are proud to have forged this alliance and connection for your mobile ease. For all your Australian and New Zealand accommodation booking by mobile device.

Remember – Australia and New Zealand both occupy temperate locations in The South Pacific. New Zealand is cooler, and sea-moderated, while Australia is similar in the south east but super hot in the central deserts in the summer. A continental climate that heats up its interior. For a booking truly close to paradise, why not try a trip to Western Samoa, The Kingdom of Tonga, New Caledonia, Tahiti or Rarotonga in The Cook Islands? You will love these Polynesian cultures with their open hearted hospitality. Make your bookings here for better rates, true comparisons and a professional travel service. You might just find that idyllic paradise on a white, sandy beach. You know, the one you've always dreamed of. I found several such locations in Tonga.


Samoa Tourism Exchange a hit for locals


"…their products and establishments to buyers from New Zealand and Australia,” according to the site. “This year, S.T.E. will expand even further to include other Pacific Islands.”"

That is very good news:
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The South Pacific has high standards of accommodation and even better air and nutritional qualities. You will feel the stress run out of your mind and body, exactly as I experienced it, in the Tonga Islands in 1977. I'll never forget the welcome. The thatched palm hut they made me, and the crunchy, fresh coconut and juicy, soft mangoes and pineapple. The paw paws, papaya and the short, sweet bananas and the fibre rich root vegetables like taro and yams.
Booking.com will help you select the best deal for your accommodation in nearly every country in The World. Accommodation bookings will no longer be a problem. Use your mobile phone or your iPad or Android tablet. Use your desktop or laptop computer. All devices work well with the Booking.com Web site. Enter a destination above and simply get started on your travels in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific. You'll absolutely love it.


I'm sure you'll love this video of the cast of The Lion King, singing on their way home from Australia. You've noticed by now that many large movies are made in Australia and New Zealand. Partly because of the vast landscapes and the talent. Enjoy your travels in the region, whether you're a young backpacker, or a seasoned hotel dweller in 5 Star luxury – your valued accommodation awaits you here in The Pacific, gratefully – thanks to the awesome team at Booking.com providing you with accommodation booking by mobile phone or tablet device.


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  • We’re proud to be able to now offer you Booking .com as a Worldwide service for your accommodation booking. Best deals always result from this comparison shopping search interface. Start looking around The World now….. travel to a coral atoll in the South Pacific. Experience peace. Relax… like never before

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