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Travel Apps For Smartphones

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Travel Apps For Smartphones

Tourists Get Aussie Hiking Travel Apps

This is a great iPhone and Android app, for young, fit tourists, bushwalkers and backpackers wanting to come from Europe or North America, to visit Australia. Even the not so young. The middle aged and fitter, grey haired tourists will love the app's guidance in Australian Bushwalking. Just remember to carry extra smartphone re-charging gear..  you know those chargers, don't you?


App Shopper: Australia Bushwalking (Travel)


"…Australia Bushwalking ★ On Foot from Outback to Ocean ★ The best way to get a feel for Australia is … inspirational and evocative App. Climb Australia’s highest mountain. Follow in the footsteps of a 19th century…"

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Here is a video about Thomas Suarez, a handsome, 12 year old app developer. He'll give you a few tips about developing your first game app. Isn't that just amazing? The digital era is changing the whole World, rather quickly….. and we can watch this video now to become a part of these changes.




Here's another video about engineering an Android app. How to design it. How to Build the App, then how to test it. By XDA Developer TV. It's worth watching if you are technically inclined…. 


Here's a real beauty little VIDEO: Watch Jay build a mobile app for iPhone, Android & HTML5 Smartphones – from end-to-end in about 25 minutes, using the 'Infinite Monkeys' drag-and-drop mobile app creator.




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Geoff Dodd, Creative Director, Australia Search

  • Exciting post, about an innovative Smartphone app for bushwalking and mountain climbing in Australia, from the Outback to The Coast. Remember to take a phone recharger! Also — hot info for anyone wanting to build your own app. There are several systems available to make it easier for you to create a mobile app. Sign up in the box to get mobile marketing tips and How To information about dreaming up, planning, building and testing your very first mobile smartphone app! Woweee!!

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