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Australia and Mongolia Mining Work Together

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Australia and Mongolia Mining Work Together

Asia Wants To Collaborate In Resources

Collaboration and co-operation between Australia and Mongolia is a brilliant idea. Why? Well, it could work on two fronts: the governmental level and the private enterprise, mining company level. We are both mineral rich. We both have China as an insatiable customer. Australia has massive mining know-how in companies like BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto Mining, Fortescue, Argyle and Newcrest, etc. Just to name a few companies with huge success records. This is an incredible opportunity for both countries!

Australia and Mongolia mining cooperation?


"Elbegdorj, noting that Mongolian-Australian relations have moved forward in various fields since the countries established diplomatic ties 40 years ago, said his country's emerging mining sector represents an opportunity for the countries to improve …"



Mineral deposit distributions, worldwide.




Canberra, ACT commands an annual GDP of one trillion dollars. About one fifth of China's GDP. Ulan Bataar, the capital of Mongolia, commands a GDP of perhaps 50 billion dollars. This will be growing rapidly now. The strength of Australia's help will be in the private sector. Technical and engineering know-how. Financing, marketing and logistics abilities. Canberra can assist diplomatically while BHP and Rio assist with joint mining venture possibilities… I can see it all unfolding as a real set of JV possibilities.

Watch China. The temptation will be irresistible. Mongolia is a democracy. A real, grass roots style of democracy. Herders travel for two days to vote. This is a democratic country resistant to outside domination because it has already been through that. Russia was dominant during the time of the USSR, making Mongolia a mere satellite state. China has territorial ideas. Watch the future diplomacy unfold … Canberra and Ulan Bataar.


Written by Staff Writer, Geoffrey P Dodd, Perth 6169 WA.

  • Maybe this development could be taken a long way .. into education, engineering collaboration, etc., as well as mining joint ventures. It takes a lot to organize a JORC compliant mineral deposit and turn it all into a profitable mining operation.

    Australia has decades of experience with geology, resource assessment, mining engineering, transport and logistics, etc., so this pairing up would be like a match made in heaven. What do YOU think? Please leave your (moderated) comments here, below:

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