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Australian Government Seated in Canberra ACT

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Australian Government Seated in Canberra ACT

Federal Houses Of Parliament for The Commonwealth

The Commonwealth of Australia is the people of Australia. Their elected representatives meet in the federal parliament house in Canberra, in The Australian Capital Territory. The city is known as a planned one, with large public parks and areas. 

Australian Government Finalizes Plans for the World's Largest …

Huffington Post (blog)

"Australia's announcement details their plans to protect more than a third of its waters, including important deep ocean habitats like the Diamantina Fracture zone, …"


The Australian coat of arms features a kangaroo and an emu, two native animals. Native plants are in the background. The shield contains the crown of England over the Southern Cross, the St George cross and the black swan and the rampant lion, amongst other symbols.




This fascinatingly good video features many photos of the Capital City of Australia, Canberra, in the ACT. We visit the modern day seat of Government, the new Parliament House, the National Gallery, National University and other important and attractive buildings. Background music is by the world acclaimed Australian guitarist, Tommy Emmanuel, with 'Encore Up From Down Under' (from Tommy's album: Dare to be Different).



Canberra ACT is often the brunt of jokes in Australia, where the people like simple, honest home truth and would seriously prefer less political double-speak. This video by John Clarke and Dawe will make it a bit clearer for you. Governments can be very unpopular in their last struggling years in power, as we in democratic societies all know so well. Australia has a generally fair and reasonable, generally democratic system with minimal known corruption. Bless all our beloved politicians in the planned capital city of Canberra, ACT.


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