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Australian Wildlife Reptile skink species

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Australian Wildlife Reptile skink species


Rare Reptilian Species Found

Being an ancient land, and the largest island in the World, Australia naturally has many thousands of wildlife species. There are sun-baked reptiles such as fresh-water crocodiles and the more dangerous salt-water crocodiles, brown snakes, tiger snakes, sea snakes and lizards. Crocodiles are generally in the Northern Territory and Northern, tropical areas of Queensland. Snakes are spread throughout the country. Avoid walking through tall grasses or scrub lands, or along river banks in the hot, far north reaches of Queensland. Crocodiles have multiplied in their populations after hunting for their meat and valuable skins became prohibited by law. Some Australians believe that culling of crocs is now timely and desirable. Others feel that crocodile hunting should be reinstated as a tourist attraction. Tourism can do with a boost, right now ..  


Australia adds two skink species

Brisbane Times

"Australia has added two more species of skink to its 420 — which is around a third of the world total. Friends and colleagues Dr Conrad Hoskin, from Townsville's James Cook University, and Patrick Couper, from the Queensland Museum, recently …Brisbane Times"



Beautiful looking new skink located by Dr Conrad Hoskin and Patrick Couper, from Queensland. This is one of two more species of skink known to reside in Australia. There is immense beauty in the reptiles of all Australian wildlife, due to the sun's energy.




Australian crocodile. The skink looks half way between a snake and this larger reptile.





These crocodiles have evolved specialist jaws for seizing and killing whole, small animals that might stray in the evening along a river bank, or worse still, swim in the river or out in the northern seas of tropical Queensland, the Northern Territory or Western Australia. Do not walk, stroll or camp alongside a tropical stream in Australia's north. Think first …




Steve Irwin of Australia Zoo, on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, famously feeds a crocodile and gets his hand bitten. Steve was famous for getting too close to the wildlife creatures that he loved so much and protected. Rest in peace, Steve Irwin.


Thanks for visiting our Australian tourism web site today. This article was curated by our chief writer, Geoff Dodd, of Perth 6169 Western Australia

  • I have used this last video before, of Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter, getting his hand bitten by a good sized crocodile.

    Steve Irwin – although being known worldwide as The Crocodile Hunter in Australia, was, in truth, a wildlife conservationist.

    Steve died a few years ago, off the Queensland coast, when, in a freak accident, a stingray barb flicked up and stabbed him in the chest, piercing his heart.

    Steve Irwin’s legacy lives on at Australia Zoo on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. Bob, his son, is quite similar to Steve. Bindi Irwin teaches the love of wild animals and conservation to groups of young people and other visitors, enthralled at the legend of Steve Irwin and Australia Zoo.

    Editor, Geoff Dodd

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