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Barossa Valley South Australia Tourist Destinations

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Barossa Valley South Australia Tourist Destinations

Wine Growing Vineyards

The Barossa Valley in South Australia is known for world acclaimed quality wines. Make this valley one of your travel destinations as you drive serenely westward from Melbourne or Sydney in the east, towards Adelaide, the beautiful capital city of South Australia. Wine tasting requires time and a trained, thoughtful palate.

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What an awesome symbol of The Barossa Valley for wine tasting!



Regional Director, South Australia Tourism Commission takes you on a tour.




Accommodation close to over 20 wine producers along the 8km stretch, including some of South Australia's most famous wineries in the Barossa Valley.




South Australia also has an award winning, hand dug opal mine museum you can visit at Coober Pedy. There is a large mining industry in the state. Opals, uranium and much more.




The unique qualities of Australian wines are explained here in this brief video. I just realized that there's too much to describe to you about the vast continent of Australia. You need to visit us as soon as possible. Just as Oprah did. She was simply ecstatic about the friendliness she found everywhere!  Be sure to visit the Barossa Valley in SA and go wine-tasting with your loved ones. The wine is simply world class here. Taste the Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and all the famous SA white wines…



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  • Famous wineries include Penfolds, Jacobs Creek, Seppenfeldt Wineries and Whistlers. Please write me a comment reply with full information about your Barossa Valley wine tasting facility, or your personal experiences in the valley .. thank you.


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