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Cities of Rockingham and Mandurah WA

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Cities of Rockingham and Mandurah WA

Perth Metropolitan Area: South

These twin cities begin 45 kilometres south of Perth, Western Australia's Capital City. They are both on the west coast of Australia, where the vast, deep blues of The Indian Ocean touch our shores. Rockingham and Mandurah are famous for their superb, white sand beaches, clean shores and clear water, where fishing can be enjoyed by families.

City Of Rockingham 

Population is about 90,000 and growing fast. It was originally named after an English ship The Rockingham, which was wrecked off the coast. Similarly: Kwinana, on the north side. Rockingham was a timber exporting port serving the Jarrahdale logging industry, a hundred years ago. Now there are massive wheat export silos towards Kwinana Beach. Rockingham has a large, British migrant population as well as being home to New Zealanders, indigenous aboriginal peoples, Asian immigrants and world citizens. The city boasts a large, modern shopping mall that is being opened up to Sunday trading. All trades and services are available in this city. Accommodation is reasonably priced and requires booking in the peak, summer season when temperatures can reach the mid to high thirties celsius. Land development is racing ahead in the suburbs of Baldivis, Secret Harbour, The Anchorage and Port Kennedy. Every Christmas holiday, thousands of locals flock to the green lawns and peacefulness of Rockingham Beach.


City Of Mandurah

Mandurah has a population of about 60,000 people. It is famous for having playful dolphins and large pelicans in its river estuary and for its annual crab festival where delicious blue manna crabs are rapidly devoured. Mandurah is beautifully situated on the Peel Inlet which is crossed by two famous bridges. Canals have been carved into the shorelines, creating a luxurious, European ambiance. Investment has been high in the City Of Mandurah, where there's a new marina and boat harbour near the river mouth. Fishing is extremely popular here and extends down south towards the massive Dawesville Cut – a man-made channel to help clean unwanted algae out of the Peel Inlet. Mandurah is a great summer tourist spot with Italian restaurants, sushi bars, fish and chips and Thai restaurants. The night life buzzes in the warmer months. There are massive land developments to the east towards Pinjarra, and south towards Lake Clifton. This is a fascinating region for tourists with surprise pockets of activity as well as great historical features. Local museums are worth a visit in both cities. Book early for accommodation due to seasonal demand.   

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This photo, though not especially clear, shows Mandurah City, Halls Head and the Peel Inlet down to Lake Clifton. There are suburbs with names like Florida, Coodanup, Greenfields, Elizabeth and Parklands… so you can trace the international influence here in Western Australia. Beginning with aboriginal place names, then ending with British and American place names. Early settlers have their names adorning the streets and parks.








This dolphin stayed with us for about 25 minutes and just wanted to play.




Rockingham Beach foreshore, Western Australia.




Thanks for visiting our twin cities of Rockingham and Mandurah, just 45 to 90 km south of Perth in Western Australia. You'd really enjoy yourself here, especially if you like the outdoors life of golf, fishing and swimming. I hope you liked the videos. Before I depart, I must thank the Royal Australian Navy. There is the silent presence of Fleet Base West on Rockingham's Garden Island. Beyond the island there is fantastic fishing. We also have Penguin Island which thousands of Japanese tourists visit annually. So you now realize that there are lots of attractions in this Rockingham-Mandurah region on The Indian Ocean.

Make your visit to us a long and enjoyable one..

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