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Crocodile Hunter

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Crocodile Hunter

Steve Irwin’s Australia Zoo

The legendary crocodile hunter of Australia was, of course, Steve Irwin of Queensland. Steve and Teri Irwin further developed the family business known today as Australia Zoo. There are other great crocodile hunters in Australian history. Crocodiles occupy the northern reaches of Western Australia and Queensland and are currently a protected species. The 'saltie' or salt water crocodile is extremely dangerous to humans in the wild. They have ventured as far south as Broome and Carnarvon in the west and Rockhampton in Queensland. See our crocodile videos just below:

Getting Around Australia

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"Nice crocodile.. don't hurt me!"



Videos Of Crocodiles



World's largest crocodile in captivity, Queensland, Australia is Cassius.






Crocodile hunter, Steve Irwin gets his hand bitten by a croc. Steve's life was taken several years ago by a stingray stab in his heart. That is a very sad tale to have to relate. Steve took so many risks with crocodiles but they couldn't nail him down or death roll him! He had an uncanny understanding of crocodiles' instincts and behaviour. Great man, in fact.




Fighting machines like crocodiles win out every time, in Nature. Man has changed all that but now conservation of endangered species is the political thing to focus on. Correct.




There actually is a very caring side to crocodiles. This might amaze you. Mothers are the same, all over Planet Earth. Kindness prevails to support life of the young, even in giant, prehistoric reptiles like dinosaurs, aligators and crocodiles. Watch this hot croc video.


Thanks for visiting my Australian crocodile hunter web page here today. I've shown you a bit about Steve Irwin who is survived by Teri, Bindi and Bob Irwin. Please visit Queensland, Australia and drop into Australia Zoo as a token of respect for his great life of animal conservation.


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  • In Thailand, of course, the shows are a lot more dramatic. At Samphran Elephant and Crocodile Park, I saw men putting their heads inside live crocodiles’ mouths! It is hard to believe and watch. men putting their heads inside Croc mouths! They seemed to hypnotize the beasts first….


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