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Eco-Tourism Destinations – Eyre Peninsula

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Eco-Tourism Destinations – Eyre Peninsula

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Eyre Peninsula is a triangular-shaped peninsula of land in South Australia. It is bounded on the east by SA's Spencer Gulf and on the west by the Great Australian Bight. It is known for its wildlife and because of a truly horrific bushfire that happened there in January of 2005, Eyre Peninsula, South Australia – was the scene of a devastating bushfire in which 9 people were killed and at least 113 injured. Many kangaroos and wallabies, koala bears and more species of native animals also suffered terribly in the bushfire.

Today, however, the Eyre Peninsula is a fantastic tourist destination for eco-tourism. See native animals in their natural surroundings … Enjoy pristine landscapes, rich wildlife and eat tasty seafood. 


Best Eco-friendly Tourist Destinations in the Eyre Peninsula

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"The Eyre Peninsula looks like a triangle, and it's one of the most generous peninsulas in Australia when it comes to coastal shores. A lot of people go here to surf …www.cheapholidayaccommodation.com/…/best-eco-friendly-t…"





So close to City of Adelaide, the Capital City of South Australia









This is a really revealing video about the beautiful wildlife on South Australia's Eyre Peninsula, a large triangular piece of land which extends from the southern coast to Whyalla, famous mining town in South Australia. Be sure to visit here when you visit this state of South Australia. Also see the nearby Kangaroo Island. Thanks for the visit today!


Written by Staff Eco-tourism Aussie writer, Geoff P Dodd in Adelaide, SA

  • Eco tourism is a perfect idea for both Australia and New Zealand. These 2 countries have very low population densities. People from dense, Asian cities – especially Beijing — love to see the green, pristine countryside in Australia & NZ. The farming practices, too, being capital-intensive, rather than labour intensive, are very interesting to all Asian tourists….

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