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eCommerce Shopping Amazon

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eCommerce Shopping Amazon

Best Online Businesses In Australia

Yes, Australia Post went to fast minimart style, dropped that – and is going online into eCommerce, online shopping now? Heck, they must have seen the awesome success of Kogan.com.au the electronics supplier, with all offers at discount prices. Kogan has, I believe, made well over 2 million sales online. Maybe Australia Post is envious. But Kogan has a decided head start. They source their electronics goods for sale online, direct from China, then relabel them. Kogan has well established supply relationships in place. They have some of the lowest prices in the World – even far beating Australian duty free prices. Just look at their offers on the latest Android and iPhone variants. AusPost would need some really nifty, savvy, hi tech advisers to beat the Kogan operation. And people want heavy price discounting …


Why isn't Amazon in Australia?


"As for all the allied stuff, it all gets a lot harder. Australia has different power than the US, so… On the other hand, our local postal service (Australia Post) is trying to reinvent itself as an internet…"

Well, Amazon is a bit of a weird fish… Google once commented that Amazon does everything wrong… I'm both an Amazon affiliate, and a long time publisher on the Amazon Kindle platform. I'm inclined to agree on this, with Google. Try to get your total e-Book earnings on Kindle? Uh aah… nuh, not available. Work through dozens of pdf files. Try to change your registered email? What a bloody rigmarole! Amazon is good with customers, though. So is Kogan. Amazon entered all sorts of foreign, European countries, while sidestepping us downunder in Australia. Wassup, dudes?

Is it some doubts about the size of the market in Australia and NewZealand? Because Amazon is a monster that needs volume sales and then some!





We're doing 9999 Australian gold bars here, because online shopping domination, and eCommerce generally, is like a licence to print money. America knows this. Amazon.com has recently expanded and built massive warehouses around the World…  why not in Australia? Online Business is actually a level playing field. The little guy can jump in, like Kogan.com.au did. And beat out the others. On price. What people want. On big brands? Yes. Visit that blue, 'online business' item just above and you will SEE for yourself what the little guy can quickly learn, adapt to – and making a killing with in Internet based eCommerce. It is uncanny! Just see now for yourself….



Australia – The Land Down Under –  do visit Sydney Harbour and see the sails of this magnificent and World famous piece of modern architecture.. Sydney is the Capital City of the State of New South Wales. Small businesses can boom in Sydney, because of the huge population of about 5 million. Isn't it? Tourists flock there, too. Yearly and consistently… Make sure it's your first destination on any Australian tour you embark upon. Thanks for reading my Australia Search blog.


Author: Geoff Dodd, Aussie Business Online Editor, Creative Director. Article on eCommerce in Australia and why Amazon.com is not here in Australia & New Zealand. Discussion of the very Best Online Businesses In Australia

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  • Also, I’ve posted an incredible video here, about the Sydney Harbour’s Sydney Opera House, which greets visitors to NSW on their cruise ships……. Geoff

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