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Employment in Australia Gaps In Skills In Australia

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Employment in Australia Gaps In Skills In Australia

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The current mining boom is mostly focused in Western Australia. It has been estimated that within three to five years, the Australian mining industry will be short of approximately 75,000 skilled workers. Now that's a shortage. Most of these will be skilled tradesmen, with the balance being mining engineers, civil, mechanical and electrical engineers, etc. Other skills shortages are in the health professions such as doctors and nurses and in education. Foreign immigrants are being actively encouraged by the federal government to fill these gaps in skills. Usually a short bridging course is a required prerequisite, to ensure good English speaking ability on the part of the overseas skilled applicant.

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Immigration to Australia: Gaps in needed skills lead to an increase in Australian immigration. Finally, the tight immigration laws and regulations are being relaxed as the Australian federal government realizes that a much larger work force is needed during this current and projected mining boom. Next year, 120 billion dollars will be invested in expansion of the country's mining projects. Most of this growth is happening in the mineral rich state of Western Australia. Some is in the state of Queensland. Much of it has to do with iron ore and gold, clean coal and gas exports, such as LNG, to industry in Asia.






So when you travel to Australia, you can also start thinking about immigration. If you have the work skills that are urgently needed by Western Australian mining companies then your future might well be in Western Australia. Gaps in skills could cause the delay of some mining and industrial projects, especially if labour shortages rise to the projected figure of 75,000 skilled workers. So tourism and work holidays, even immigration could be combined. Imagine the exciting lifestyle possibilities emerging now. Come to Australia.





The world's largest mining projects need you. Do you have tradesman or engineering skills? Or are you a school teacher, a doctor or a nurse? A site project manager? Consider meeting these Australian skill gaps and come on over downunder to Western Australia.


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