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Fremantle WA is on the tourist map

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Fremantle WA is on the tourist map

Western Australia, Historic Port City

Fremantle 6160, W.A. was certainly on the world tourist map in February of 1987. The America's Cup yacht racing was on and Denis Conner of The San Diego Yacht Club was desperate to take The Cup back to The United States. I was fortunate enough to pick up the Commodore and Vice Commodore of the S.D.Y.C. in my taxi, immediately after they had won back The Cup for America. Happy trip. But Fremantle's a wonderful, cosmopolitan port city full of Italian restaurants and al fresco dining, that's certainly on my tourist map. 

Why WA is not on the tourist map

Perth Now

"TOURISM Minister Kim Hames has dismissed calls for WA to get its own unique, man-made attraction to match world icons such as the Sydney Opera House. … at last weekend's Australian Tourism Exchange agreed with Mr Hall, saying WA …"


yacht racing


Yacht racing is definitely one of my vivid memories of Fremantle in Western Australia. I went out on a launch, the Tassie Devil, to watch The America's Cup being raced in February of 1987. I was living in a small brick flat in Bellevue Terrace at the time. I could wander down, past the then occupied Fremantle Prison to the markets, buy my fresh honey and vegetables then stroll around, drink a cappuccino, taking in the sights and sounds of 'Freo' the famous port city. In 1831 the first building was, believe it or not, the roundhouse prison. Convict days and early signs of British colonialism. Sailing ships and wrecks.


Welcome to Fremantle Prison – West Australia's only World Heritage listed building. Join us on the ghostly tour of this heritage listed prison. I saw it in operation in 1986. I even drove my taxi inside the prison so as to pick up prisoners for their hospital clinic check ups. Quiet blokes. Seemed OK at the time. hehe.





Tourist attractions in Western Australia




Fremantle Boat Harbour outing. There we are. We've just placed the port city of Fremantle, post code 6160-6162 Western Australia, firmly on the map. It's a 20 km drive south west from Perth. The port has carried over 500 million tonnes and features modern container terminals. There's an Italian originated fishing industry here and companies like SeaLanes supply both ships and the locals with beautiful sea food. Occasionally, the U.S. Navy makes an appearance for some well deserved rest and recreation. That's when the taxis really get busy, shuttling sailors and marines into the five star hotels of Fremantle and Perth City. It is a region of great ambiance. Everyone is relaxed and nearly all the cultures of the world are represented here. Meet you for a kebab at The Istanbul, then a good strong Italian espresso on the cappuccino strip. That's our beloved port, coffee and market town of Fremantle, 6160. Come and visit us soon. We're waiting for you..


Staff Writer, GPD. Reminiscing. [sigh] 

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