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Kalgoorlie Goldfields

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Kalgoorlie Goldfields

The Golden Mile Super Pit

Situated way out east in the vast state of Western Australia are the twin towns of Kalgoorlie and Boulder. They are north of the beginning of the Nullarbor Highway which is the main west-to-east connecting route.

History of The Gold Rush

In the 1890s a gold rush was on at Kalgoorlie, resulting in the British Monarch, Queen Victoria authorizing the construction of the Perth Mint which stands to this day in Hay Street, Perth 6000. Kalgoorlie's Golden Mile was so rich in adjoining gold mines, that the entrepreneur, Alan Bond, proposed and constructed a massive 'super pit' open cast gold mine. The Super Pit currently produces about one gram of gold per tonne of soil. Kalgoorlie has fascinating old pubs and some museums you will simply love to explore and pore over. The region is still extremely rich in diverse minerals.

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The Kalgoorlie Super Pit open cut gold mine is super large, over 1 km long



gold mine australia


Gold bearing quartz rock. An unusual gold nuggett.




An amateur's guided tour of Kalgoorlie Goldrush Town today




Inside an underground mine at Kalgoorlie, Western Australia





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Views around the old town of Kalgoorlie, W.A.





Make sure you check out the museums and the pubs here, because they share a lot of old gold rush stories with you. Fascinating tales of greed, cleverness and human hardship.




Since 1893, when Irishman Paddy Hannan first made his famous gold discovery at Kalgoorlie, more than 50 million ounces (1,550 tonnes) of gold have been mined from the Golden Mile. Now it's joined together in one open cut mine.




Amazing flight over the Fimiston Open Cut or 'Super Pit.'



The Super Pit is located off the Goldfields Highway on the south-east edge of Kalgoorlie-Boulder, Western Australia. You simply must visit this region and watch the gold mining in action. Or, you can go gold prospecting out in the desert in Crown territory. Great stuff.


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  • lynette Harris

    Thanks for the videos. I really miss good `ole Kal; even though I left there in 1975. I have`nt had a visit for a few years so am due to go back again. Kalgoorlie is very easy to live in but very hard to move out of as its such an easygoing place and you miss it very much when you move out of it. My 3 children were born there and I worked a few places around town, including The Pink Panther Nightclub, The Commercial Hotel, before it burnt down and at The Kalgoorlie Cafe.:)

  • Thanks Lynette for your early memories and sentimental attachment to Kalgoorlie. Glad you wrote to us … Geoff

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