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Kangaroo Island

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Kangaroo Island

Eco Tourism With Marsupials

Kangaroos are an extremely strong and well adapted species. I remember four years ago at Mandurah when our 2 dogs, Jayjay and Toto, had a large, male kangaroo cornered at the back of our five acre block at Parklands. I had heard Toto's persistent barking … he was occupied in the same spot for more than an hour, expressing his territorial rights. The three animals stood in a steady triangle. I approached with a camera. The kangaroo, with straight back, put up his boxing fists as a warning that this red-grey was quite prepared to fight it out. That's why the smaller dogs were keeping at a respectable distance from him. Kangaroos often grazed the nearby park, very early in the morning and at dusk. I've never been to Kangaroo Island but here are some fantastic videos about kangaroos, below:  

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Perhaps it's true… your dreams of wildlife sightings and outback adventures DO come true in Australia. It's easy to come across wild animals here…and sanctuaries are plentiful in South Australia.




Never get close to a wild kangaroo. It is likely to strike out suddenly with its feet or boxing fists. They're fighting animals, very territorial and better caught by long distance, telephoto lense. See them in well fenced sanctuaries, zoos and special farms as well as on many golf courses right throughout South and Western Australia. For example, Rockingham and Port Kennedy courses in W.A. Healesville Sanctuary is another spot to check out in South Australia.




Kangaroo Island off South Australia is packed with natural wild life. You'll find seals basking on quiet beaches, koalas munching on gum trees, echidnas wandering in search of meals of insects and plenty of kangaroos, goannas, wallabies, penguins and wild birds.




Would you prefer a longer, ten minute tour of Kangaroo Island? This facinating video takes you around the island looking at all the bio diversity of amazing animal species found there. I believe that it was only 9,000 years ago when the island became separated from the Australian mainland.






Interesting TV based information about Australia and Kangaroo Island in particular. Thanks for visiting this exclusive page about seeing kangaroos in the wild in Australia. Remember to be careful in this large, vast and wild country. There are poisonous snakes in all tall grass during the summer months. There are red back spiders you must avoid. Don't approach the wild kangaroos or corner them, because they'll come out fighting like a prize boxer. In fact, the boxing kangaroo is a well known fact in early Australian entertainment.


Written by staff writer, GPD. 

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