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Koala Bear for Chinese Tourists

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Koala Bear for Chinese Tourists

Where To Go To Cuddle Koalas

Koala Bears are the ultimate attraction for Chinese Tourists to Australia. Why? Well.. isn’t the panda bear just about a national icon for China? We have to get creative and match the Chinese psyche. Cuddly koalas are safe up close and personal. You get a direct experience of their warmth, softness and cuddliness. You will find koalas in sanctuaries in the states of South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales. In places like Healesville Sanctuary and also on Kangaroo Island, just off Adelaide. Please watch the videos below for more information and close experiences of koalas. Help us to protect them for future generations, by preventing bush fires.

Quality affects the growing Chinese tourism market | EcoBytes

Ecotourism Australia

“Chinese tourists are fast becoming the major market in the Australian tourism industry but the poor practices of some tour operators and guides can leave Chinese visitors dissatisfied and threaten Australia’s reputation as a desirable travel … are misrepresenting the quality of accommodation, forcing travellers to buy souvenirs at over-inflated prices and even ‘charging to take photographs of free iconic sites such as the Opera House or beaches in Sydney and on the Gold Coast’ (1).EcoBytes”


That’s sad to hear. Australians need to develop greater sensitivity towards their oriental visitors. These are sophisticated people with high standards of politeness and cleanliness. And hey Aussie – they know when they’re getting ripped off! Smarten up Australian tour operators. This is perhaps a gift horse tsunami so be respectful and give better quality service and value for money. Word of mouth has a habit of coming back to bite you. It’s almost instant karma.

You can literally cuddle a koala bear as this picture shows. Now isn’t that better and safer than cuddling a panda bear? Ha ha I got you on that one!

koala bear

This marsupial collage shows a koala bear looking fluffy at top left. The opossum at top right only comes out at night time. Wallabies and kangaroos are most active at dawn and dusk when they are feeding. Only the koala is safe enough to get close to of these four.


Tickle a young koala. Make sure it’s awake and fully alert first.


Koala bear gets a drink of water from a friendly and caring fire fighter. Koalas are now a threatened species and one major reason for this is climate change bringing an increasing prevalence of wild bush fires. The state of Victoria had one such massive fire in 2009. Ash Thursday. The bushfires generate so much heat energy from the fuel of branches and leaves on the ground, that they are impossible to stop. We have to focus on bush fire prevention to help save the habitat of these beautiful, cuddly koala bears in Australia.


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Written by staff Nature Writer, GPD.

  • The cuddly koala bear makes a great gift for adults and children alike. I remember that I had one as a child in New Zealand in the 1950s. It was so cuddly that it got worn out… but the koala bear was still loved.

    Visit here to get your koala bear:


    Thanks! I’m sure you’ll fall in love.

    Australian Editor

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