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Natural Resources in Australia Map

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Natural Resources in Australia Map

Geographical Distribution: Australian States

Natural Resources in Australia map

The map of Australia reveals that every state possesses considerable natural resources. Western Australia has the largest supplies of iron ore, alumina and gold, whereas four states hold in-ground reserves of uranium. The resource of water is forever over-plentiful in tropical and sub-tropical Queensland and one day it could be piped and channeled into the central deserts, to be used for irrigation and massive scale crop farming. Follow our latest natural resources in Australia map.

Today's story about having to look outside the resources sector for post-boom wealth feels a little unrealistic. Demand is insatiable in Asia for our natural resources. Why should this demand stop? Only a worldwide depression could stop this demand for natural resources to feed the monsters of Asian industry. We have lithium ore (spodumene) to feed into China's waiting lithium carbonate producing plant. (Galaxy Lithium). We have rare earth elements, manganese and nickel. Millions of tonnes of iron ore and copper and more are in the ground. We've mostly sold out or outsourced our diminishing manufacturing industries that simply cannot compete with the cheap labour competition in South East Asia.

As I suggested above, we could become a massive crop producer and beef farming nation again, given a big injection of capital into water pipelines, canals and channels to share the valuable water resource around interstate. Tell me what you think in a quick comment below: 


Australia has to look outside the resources sector for post-boom wealth

Adelaide Now

"In South Australia, it says the total number of projects under construction, committed or under consideration is $30.012 billion – a 4.7 per cent increase on the previous quarter, but 37.6 per cent down on the year before. The report says the state's …"



Notice the rather large, central pinkish area? That is true desert, with very little water and vegetation. Animals survive there, such as kangaroos, wallabies, birds, snakes and other reptiles, as well as thousands of species of insects. Water could be piped there or channeled in from both rainy tropical Queensland, and from the Ord River in the far north of Western Australia. Solar energy (it's plentiful..) could power desalination plants. The deserts could be turned into a vast greenery of food producing gardens for the World. It is all distinctly possible and requires reaping economies of ultra large scale organization and production. Unit costs do fall over large numbers! We simply need progressive politicians and CSIRO scientists with big thinking and a heart for risk taking. You start by studying the geology, the weather and this natural resources in Australia map. All the best.



Australia map


The Northern Territory of Australia, marked in red, has vast areas of minerals such as gold, uranium, copper, nickel, iron, manganese and rare earth elements yet to be fully explored and discovered. It is very dry and could benefit hugely from a large scale irrigation program. Tourism has a fantastic future there, based around Ayers Rock (Uluru) and Darwin, where military encampments are growing. Australia-USA Alliance. (U.S. Marines, etc.)







Thanks for visiting this Australian economic resources page and thinking out loud with me. Do you think that Australia can diversify its exports in time? Will the resources boom ever end? Please leave a thoughtful comment below right now and help me to develop both this Australia Search blog and the mighty Commonwealth Of Australia.




Thank you. Natural resources in Australia map article was written by Geoff Dodd, staff writer. Perth 6000

  • Please leave your thought-provoking comments here in this section. Note that Western Australia is the largest supplier of iron ore. All states have some mining and/or oil exploration going on. Natural gas is plentiful – again off Western Australia. Queensland has coal, sugar cane, pineapples and bananas as well as minerals such as uranium, gold, copper. There are vast unexplored areas in Australia, as far as minerals go…

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