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Melbourne Victoria Australia Reports Rare Quake

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Melbourne Victoria Australia Reports Rare Quake

Earthquake in City Of Restaurants and Sports Stadiums

A 5.3 Richter scale earthquake occurred in Melbourne but this is a very, very rare occurrence in Victoria, Australia. It upset one Woolworths supermarket a little. Tourism will not be affected one iota. Melbourne, in the state of Victoria, is such an iconic city for culture, sporting events and fine restaurants. It even sports its own beer, VB or Victoria Bitter. Now that's hard to trump. There's a large Greek population in Melbourne and immigration has played a major part in the city's cultural development. Similar stories can be told across the whole of Australia. For example, with Italian migrants settling in Fremantle. 

Strong earthquake in the greater Melbourne area, Australia

Armand Vervaeck and James Daniell

"Update: Mb5.3 as recorded by Geoscience Australia – also SW of Moe. This will cause slight damage such as broken windows and cracking in the immediate area. It has been recorded near the village of Childers near Yarragon North. This is …Earthquake Report"


Australia's marvelous Melbourne City is the capital of the State of Victoria. See the sports venues, cultural centres and amazing restaurants. This is the place to really relax and have a good time! Things to do in Melbourne and all sightseeing thrills are shown in the next video, just below:




Thanks for visiting and discovering things to do in Melbourne, Victoria.



Melbourne's iconic trams will never disappear as they're a great hit with locals and tourists alike. Just remember that they can't stop quickly. Look left and look right. Don't imbibe too much Penfold red wine or Victoria Bitter, VB before stepping out on to the road, in search of your next pub or restaurant. Now, you're beginning to get the feel of Melbourne City. Let go and have a celebratory time while in Melbourne, State of Victoria. Named after that famous Queen of England. The locals are a little feral, I've been told. Hehe.


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