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New Zealand GDP grows at fastest pace in 5 years …

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New Zealand GDP grows at fastest pace in 5 years …

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Discovered in 1642 by Abel Tasman, the Dutch explorer, New Zealand lies about 1,200 miles East and South of Australia, across The Tasman Sea. Also known as Aotearoa or The Land of The Long White Cloud by the local Maori people. Some call N.Z. The Shaky Isles because of its high frequency of earthquakes. Tourists affectionately call New Zealand 'The Pocket Wonder World' because great scenic changes happen in relatively short distances. New Zealand has snowy mountains with skiing, glaciers, deep fiords, with excellent fishing, bright blue lakes and magically active volcanoes and geothermal geysers. The main exports are agricultural products like wool, lamb, milk products, beef and timber. The capital city is Wellington, the seat of government, with a population of about 250,000 but the largest city is Auckland, home to the largest Polynesian population found anywhere in the world. Auckland has about a million to 1.5m population. Rugby Union is the passionately followed, world champion level, national sport of New Zealand.

New Zealand GDP grows at fastest pace in 5 years …

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"WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) — New Zealand's agriculture-driven economy is picking up steam, growing at the fastest pace in five years as the region …washingtonexaminer.com/new-zealand-gdp…/2004726"

The regional farms are recovering somewhat from the global financial crisis as the world realizes it has to import increasing quantities of food. New Zealand's focus on 'pure' is also effective as a safe and organic source of food.



100% Pure New Zealand



Brilliant video includes everything like 'swimming with dolphins..'


New Zealand


Map of New Zealand. 

The writer was born in New Zealand and this clear map brings back so many memories of magical times like family holidays spent in the outback country. We took a car and trailer, tents and gas cooking gear and explored most of The North Island. I remember catching  rainbow trout at Lake Taupo, as well as at Lake Waikaremoana near Gisborne on the east coast. New Zealand has a low population density, so you're often alone at just the right times, on a river or out in the beautifully forested countryside. Or in the snow capped mountains of The South Island, where Peter Jackson made 'Lord Of The Rings.' Aroha nui, Aotearoa. We love New Zealand forever!


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