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Roofing Services Waikato

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Roofing Services Waikato

Re-Roofing Specialist NZ

The Kaimai Ranges extend from Mamaku near Rotorua to Te Aroha, in the Waikato Region. Roofing Services Waikato require skilled tradesmen who know how to secure new roofs against stormy weather. The east produces some unpredictable, gusty storms at times. Also, the exposed Bay Of Plenty region in the North Island of New Zealand is broadly exposed to the vast Pacific Ocean, through the seasons.

One skilled Kiwi roofer with 24 years of new roofing experience is Lance Cleary. Lance announces his new enterprise for the Waikato and Bay Of Plenty regions; aptly named Kaimai Roofing. It serves customers on both sides of the Kaimai Ranges.

Kaimai Roofing can do both roof repairs and re-roofing of older homes, as well as new roofing of new homes in the towns and farming regions of the Waikato dairy farm zone in the North Island.

Bright, coloured Kiwi Steel can be fitted to new buildings or wherever you need your roofing work done! Just apply to Lance for an obligation free quote on your particular job.

 Roofing Services Waikato

If you have a farm, a rural property or you live in an isolated region of New Zealand, it is no problem for Lance to visit you. His trusty Nissan Four Wheel Drive can take him to give a fair quotation for any roofing job. The team of roofers at Kaimai Roofing is independent and can get your roofing work done in good time. The quality of finished work is guaranteed to be leak proof and definitely to your satisfaction.

Here is a picture of a tradesman certificate that was awarded to Lance Cleary recently, for his high-quality workmanship:


Trusted Roofing Services Waikato and Bay Of Plenty, New Zealand. Quality workmanship certificate awarded to L. Cleary for roofing work skills.


So, if you live in Hamilton, Cambridge, Matamata or towards Tauranga in the Bay Of Plenty….  and you need roofing repairs or re-roofing, or even new roofing work done fast and efficiently – here’s your best team to contact. Visit Kaimai Roofing, using the link up above in this post. You’ll love the quality work and the business relationship engendered with Lance Cleary and his skilled team of roofing tradesmen.


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