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Schapelle Corby On Instagram

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Schapelle Corby On Instagram

Release From Bali Prison – Schapelle Corby

The happy 23-year-old Queenslander from Brisbane, Australia, Schapelle Corby was arrested at Denpasar Airport on her entry into Bali, back in 2005. The facts were shocking to all Australians: Schapelle was carrying 4.2kg of marijuana in her surfer boogie-board bag. Indisputable facts. She was convicted on 27 May 2005.

The Indonesians wanted to lock Schapelle up for a very long time. She was sentenced to 20 years in Kerobokan Prison. Yet, she protested her innocence. Did someone else plant the 4kg of marijuana in her bag, back at Brisbane Airport? The story hit all news headlines in Australia for years. Dramatic scenes followed, often involving Schapelle’s mother and her outspoken sister, Mercedes Corby. There was all sorts of speculation about the Corby family and their involvement.

Fast forward to 27 May 2017. Schapelle Corby is released from probation in Bali and deported. This marks her official release from Kerobokan Prison, that infamous hell-hole in Indonesia. Now even the steps of her release journey appear on Instagram. Social media has its keen adherents who will be following Schapelle’s every move in her Instagram posts…  the ‘cat and mouse’ games with the Aussie press and TV media – Channels 7 and 9 – her frank and honest chats and conversations that you can have with Schapelle Corby on Instagram… it’s all here:



You can actually chat to Schapelle Corby here on Instagram. Start a conversation today!



Indonesia considers Schapelle to be a convicted drug smuggler. Why? Simply because she possessed 4.2 kg of marijuana in her bodyboard bag, on her 2005 entry into Denpasar Airport, on the island of Bali, Indonesia.

Was Schapelle set up? Was she simply a drug mule for another dealer or smuggler? She says she is innocent of the charge of drug smuggling. Read her 2006 book. What do you think?

It’s a heck of a story. Schapelle suffered from depression and mental illness in that horrific jail known as Kerobokan Prison. Who was responsible? Did baggage handlers at Brisbane Airport in Australia do the horrible act and add that dope to her bodyboard bag?

Will we ever really know the whole truth about Schapelle Corby – now gathering in our massive attention on Instagram, the Facebook-owned social media site.


Video About Schapelle Corby

This video shows you an earlier plea from The Corby Family. A plea of innocence.




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Also see: PerthNOW.com.au Schapelle Corby is taking to social media, to reach her audience. You can reach and chat with Schapelle Corby on Instagram, just above.

Breaking News! Schapelle Corby Breaks Her Leg?

On the 23 June, 2017, Schapelle told her Instagram followers (200,000 people following Schapelle on Instagram now) that she was in a Gold Coast private hospital. Pictures revealed a cover or a bandage of sorts over her knee. The hash tags used wildly claimed a broken leg, ankle and knee. However, the Instagram photographic evidence did not support such extensive damage to limbs.

Channel Nine Documentary On Schapelle’s Release

This is quite a documentary – over one hour of TV coverage.

Thanks for watching. More news to come.

By our Australian News Editor, GPD

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  • Trust you enjoy reading the fascinating – if not horrific – story of Schapelle Corby’s 12 long years in Indonesia. Mostly spent in the depressing and dangerous Kerobokan Prison near Denpasar. All for someone’s desire to traffic 4.2 kilograms of marijuana.

    You can contact Schapelle Corby via our link into her Instagram profile. Yes, you really can! Start a conversation with Schapelle through this Australia Search Network post, just above …

    Australian News

  • Yes, Schapelle Corby is certainly leading the Aussie media, newspapers and TV channels, on a merry dance around Brisbane, Queensland. She is always at least one step ahead of the game. Communing with nature. At the beach. Donating her parole book record to a lucky charity. Schapelle is playing it like a champion.


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