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Skiing in NZ Snow Move to New Zealand

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Skiing in NZ Snow Move to New Zealand

Winter Sports Mount Ruapehu

New Zealand has two major ski-field areas that operate both as worldwide tourist attractions and for the keen local skiers. In the South Island, there is Mt Hutt ski fields near Mount Cook. In the North Island, there is the famous active volcano, Mount Ruapehu. The main ski field is Whakapapa. There are some lesser known skiing fields such as Turoa, accessed from Ohakune and Raetihi on the southern slopes of Mt Ruapehu. Over to the west of the North Island, in Taranaki province, you'll see Mt Egmont, that looks almost exactly like Fujiyama in Japan. Come visit N.Z. in the winter for your skiing holiday – especially at Mt Hutt – something that you'll never forget.

Move to New Zealand life-changing

Otago Daily Times

"[image]Animal scientist Bruno Santos has no regrets about a life-changing decision to move from Brazil to Dunedin. Otago Daily Times"



Skiing in New Zealand


New Zealand skiing


The Southern Alps in the South Island of New Zealand present amazing challenges to rock climbers. Mount Cook is the highest peak standing at 12,349 feet high. Sir Edmund Hilary is the famous New Zealander who was the first climber to conquer Mount Everest in Nepal.



"Videos of an adventure I took to New Zealand's Mt Ruapehu."




Snowboarding on Turoa Ski Field, Mt Ruapehu, North Island, New Zealand.




The USA ski team in Mt Hutt, near Mount Cook, New Zealand.





Some rather high difficulty, extreme skiing at Mount Hutt ski fields in the South Island of New Zealand. This is extremely dangerous, so don't attempt it without lots of training. There are deaths occurring occasionally in the Mount Hutt and Mount Cook climbing areas due to extreme cold encountered when the weather quickly changes for the worse. Come prepared with woollens underneath and tight, waterproof parka or suitable anti ice, anti freeze, and wind chill factor protective clothing. Study the area and always put your personal safety and group safety first. Remember, you're up in the mountains here in N.Z.


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  • The last final video here is by Dashony. He seems to ski fast, with a ‘helmet cam’ or video camera attached somehow to his chest or hat. Then I saw his hat is just a beany. Interesting, needs someone else as a photographer too – for variety. Worth watching, definitely!

    Geoff D., Perth 6169

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