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Sydney NSW Tourist Attractions

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Sydney NSW Tourist Attractions

Sydney Harbour Bridge The Opera House and more..

I noticed in a Channel 9 interview that James Packer is encouraging Australia to go after the middle class Chinese tourists. He wants to build a new casino specifically designed to cater to these cashed-up tourists. Should we let him? Would we all benefit? What’s the spin off for local employment and local support services? James now does extremely well in Macau, near Hong Kong, after a ‘near collapse’ in Las Vegas. Billions were on the table. But he’s smart and a fast learner. I’d say give James Packer a ‘green light.’ It’s innovative thinking. It strengthens our economy. Millions of Chinese tourists are looking for Australian hot spots and tourist attractions, so give them exactly what they want! Go for it, Mr Packer.

Is Sydney doing enough to attract Chinese tourists?

Sydney Morning Herald

“Australia, and Sydney in particular, continues to attract more business …. They get to see our obvious tourist attractions – the Opera House, harbour, The Rocks, …Sydney Morning Herald”



Australia tourist attractions


The iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge was built way back in about 1931 and it connects the city with the suburbs. It is Sydney’s Twentieth Century symbol of progress and go-ahead innovation. Many stars and celebrities can be seen joining the guided walks over the top of the strong, steel structure. Come and see this Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Taronga Park zoo, the famous, blue Sydney Harbour, the world renowned architectural wonder of The Sydney Opera House and enjoy the awesome restaurants and malls downtown. Look up above and see the massive Sydney Tower at Centrepoint Mall. You can catch a lift up and walk out over a glassed floor. Now that is the ultimate view of the city! What about quick tours? Well, catch a ferry at Circular Quay to beautiful Manly.

You have heard of Bondi Beach? It is Sydney’s version of the Bay Area with beautiful figures sun bathing and in Australia, you can do that almost all year round. Take a trip out to the Blue Mountains in New South Wales state and see the Three Sisters outcrops. Even skiing is enjoyed in NSW state. See the Snowy River. So all in all, there is a heck of a lot to do in Sydney. Oh and I forgot to tell you about the infamous night life. The TV series ‘Underbelly’ had a fabulous Kings Cross located showing and really it is all there still, in essence for you to experience: The Kings Cross infamous night life of this sprawling cosmopolitan metropolis of Sydney. Perhaps it is truly one of the greatest and most popular city hot spots in all of The Southern Hemisphere. Come soon and we’ll say gidday mate!


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    If you’re currently overseas, I sincerely hope you enjoy reading this information about Sydney in New South Wales, Australia. Watch the brief, 2 minute video and realize how many attractions Sydney actually has! Then venture out into the Blue Mountains and other scenic areas of the State Of New South Wales. You can drive up to Brisbane, QLD or down to Melbourne in the State Of Victoria. Have a wonderful visit to Australia, c’mon enjoy a barbie and a swim at Bondi Beach.

    The Editor, Geoff.

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