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Tasmania Australia Holiday Packages

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Tasmania Australia Holiday Packages

Hobart to Launceston ..

The state of Tasmania is an island state, separated from Melbourne in Victoria by Bass Strait. It is largely in pristine, forested condition, although the pulp and timber industry has stripped bare some large areas. The land is reminiscent of New Zealand with its steep mountains, river valleys and colder climate. It lies just across the Tasman Sea from New Zealand and the two regions were once a single joined area. Tasmania is known for its rare native animals: the Tassie Devil and the Tasmanian Tiger, thought by many to be extinct. However, there have been some unexplained sightings. Hobart is the capital city of Tasmania. Launceston is another attractive area known for tourism.


Australia Holiday Packages

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Tasmania is rugged and wild, but it has national parks as well. The wildlife is fairly well protected, except where the logging industry is active. Watch the video above to learn much more. Next, comes the much visited City of Hobart.

Hobart is the second oldest capital city in Australia. Dating from 1804, it is exceeded in antiquity only by Sydney. 1788. This video shows you a lot of the tourist attractions of Hobart, capital city of Tasmania.


The Dutch explorer, Abel Tasman discovered Tasmania in the year of 1642 when he also discovered New Zealand. (‘New Holland’).  Tasman created the map above, naming the island Van Diemen’s Land or, Terre de Diemens. He noted it was discovered on 24 November, 1642.


Macquarie Harbour


Oryctolagus cuniculus is a creature you’ll come across in Tasmania. Hares and rabbits are there for the delight of farmers. Listen for the sound of a shotgun and keep your head down. Thanks for your visit to our Tasmania State tourism page here, today! When are you coming to visit Australia in person?

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  • Tasmania has its own unique character, somewhat more similar to New Zealand than it is to the bustling metropolitan areas of Sydney and Melbourne. It retains a rustic, country charm. Low population density may be behind this quality of life. Visit there and see for yourself what I’m talking about.


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