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Terms and Conditions

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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


This site is for informational purposes only. Its sole function is to encourage tourism and to motivate visitors to come to Australia and New Zealand. You visit here and receive information by way of text, images and videos. You act on such information at your own risk. We cannot guarantee that every single detail is factual, although we have previewed our video content. These terms and conditions absolve Australia Search Net from any responsibility or liability whatsoever with regards to your travel arrangements, flight times, cancellations, hotel or other accommodation bookings. You will need to communicate with your travel services provider(s).

You get basic information here about Australia, then you make travel and tour arrangements with external, third party travel operators. We are not responsible for the perceived success or failure of your traveling experiences in the beautiful countries of Australia and New Zealand, ‘downunder’ here in Oceania.


G.P. Dodd

Site Manager


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