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Travel Insurance Australia

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Travel Insurance Australia

Medical and Accident Cover For Tourists

If you are thinking of moving to Australia or simply visiting some vacation spots, then buying travel insurance Australia is a wise idea. Why? Australia has a generous Medicare government healthcare provision, but it's only available to Australian citizens and permanent residents. You might have an accident and require hospital treatment whilst in Australia, visiting hot spots – before your tourist visitor's visa or specific bridging visa qualifies you for free hospital care. So either purchase private health insurance in Australia, or, easier still, buy travel insurance for Australia from the travel agent in the U.K. or in the U.S.A. or wherever you'll be departing from. It makes sense. You'll feel safer and more financially secure. Protect yourself from those totally unexpected accidents and risks travelers take. Insure yourself.

Attractions In & Around Perth, Australia

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"Monkey Mia Dolphin Resort is a very popular tourist destination in Western Australia, about 26 km north-east of Denham. The main attraction is to watch the …bestflights.co.za/pacific/australia/perth/attractions"

"When I first arrived in Perth in 1984, I had neglected my need for travel insurance in Australia. I went swimming with dolphins but stepped on a poisonous sea shell. The hospital bills stung me more. Wish I had insured myself .."


Hotspots and vacation spots have hidden dangers, like snakes and spiders. Especially in the hot summer months when reptiles are more active, due to the sun's warmth.




A Canadian speaks on why you need travel insurance when traveling…




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