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Western Australia Attractions Video Tourism Australia

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Western Australia Attractions Video Tourism Australia

Tourists to Perth WA 6000


Tourism Australia reaches three million Facebook fans

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 Tourism Australia would do well to now promote the 'out of the way' places like Western Australia's deepest South West corner and the Kimberley region, as well as most of The Northern Territory. Why? People are fascinated by these isolated, natural reserves of Planet Earth where kangaroos are running, so freely!


Perth is the Capital City of the relatively isolated State of Western Australia. It's a fast growing city with about 100km of sprawling, coastal growth and it's a very pleasant city to live in. The port city of Fremantle is a quaint place to visit with its Italian influenced culture and its history since 1830 of English convicts, immigration and even world recognized yacht races. Perth is the centre of government for Western Australia. It is also a centre of bustling commerce around the exploding mining industry. Western Australia supports the country by exporting iron ore, alumina, gold, lithium and rare earths, gas and agricultural exports such as wheat, wines and apples and cherries. It's a happy state.



The Perth Mint is a true gold rush mint founded over one hundred years ago in the late Nineteenth Century. It is world renowned for its high quality 9999 purity of gold. Many gold coins have been created there, such as you'll see in the video, just above. The range of poured gold bars is large, from one ounce to one kilogram and the Perth Mint also produces silver bars and coins for investors and collectors world wide. It is well worth your time to visit The Perth Mint in Hay Street. Take the guided tour and learn the stories of gold rushes of the late 1800s. Take a look at the coins, gifts and items of jewelry in the Mint shop.


Western Australia

In Western Australia, you can literally see the iron ore (iron oxide) in the ground. The red soil is everywhere, for thousands of kilometres. Red dust abounds. This picture was taken in the Connolly Basin. The larger Australian mining companies such as BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto are now huge multi-nationals that export massive quantities of iron ore from Western Australia to Asian countries, including China, Japan and South Korea. The energy industry is also massive and growing fast in Western Australia, with the emergence of the huge Gorgon gas project. Western Australia's own gas producer and exporter is Woodside Petroleum. 

  • The writer lives just 50 km south of Perth in The City Of Rockingham. Rockingham City has a large central mall and a population of about 90,000 people. Just south is Mandurah, with a pop of about 56,000 and north along the coast of The Indian Ocean is Fremantle, Perth’s port city with about 23,000 people. Perth metropolitan area stretches easily 100km along the coastline. It has one casino, The Burswood Casino, a zoo, and the beautiful Swan River which winds from the north east to the south west, from vineyards in Upper Swan to Fremantle City on The Indian Ocean. You can take a river cruise at your leisure and see all these sights for yourself, taste the wines and sit back and relax.

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